Week 4

This week I made some major improvements.


On Monday, I went through the internet and tried to find a way where I could learn how to make a rectangle and a circle tool. I played around with mouseClicked() and mouseDragged () but nothing happened. My code didn’t do what I wanted. Then, I went around the internet and tried to understand some drawing codes. One website I found was: https://forum.processing.org/one/topic/drawing-application-need-help.html

The website didn’t have anything that would help me, but it was interesting to skim the comments and try to understand what was happening. I tried to do it like the picture below but that didn’t work. Monday ex) 1I brainstormed different ways that I can make the rectangle work. I decided that I could make a function that drew lines between two point that I would click. A rectangle only has two different (x,y) coordinates, the other two are a mix of the opposite coordinates. I started to do that but I couldn’t figure out how to use the mouseClicked() function. Class ended before I figured it out.


On Tuesday, I asked Scott right when class started for help. He helped me figure out how to draw the rectangle by only clicking the two parts. Then, I tried to apply the same concept to circles. The problem was that, the computer drew the radius, so I had to multiply it by two in order to make Processing have a diameter of where I clicked my mouse the second time. Then, I coded for the line. I have all the code in the same program but the programs that I don’t use are commented. After figuring out my shapes, I decided to experiment around with filling the small option rectangles. I finished coloring in the small squares. Now I need to place shapes in the shape tool. Then, I need to turn them into option buttons so that I can change modes.

Some screen shots:

circle tool tuesday Line code tuesday Rectangle and line tools work at the same time Tuesday Tuesday code snap


I had a Student Ambassador tour so I had to leave at 9:20. In thirty minutes of class time I had. I made my blog. I took notes on Monday and Tuesday, but I turned it into a blog on Wednesday.


I read a few Physics stuff (Electric Field and Movement of Charge) before I went to the field trip (engineering conference)


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