List of Problems

In Math we are currently analyzing data from YouTube. We have to choose a topic and find information about all the posted videos. I started and wrote information down for about 10 videos. The next day I realized that I don’t have enough info to track some of my videos down, I didn’t write the channel name and they all had the same title. I had to start again because I didn’t want to repeat the same videos in my chart. I had to start again. From this mistake I learned that I should do things in an organized fashion instead of getting distracted and clicking random videos or collecting random data. That is how learning works. You make a mistake, learn and then grow and not make that mistake again.


Nature Essay #1

In class we were instructed to write an essay analyzing a chapter or one of Emerson’s ideas from the text Nature.

I improved my writing skills, I tried to connect my quotes in differently. So this essay was a different experience.

I focused on my work the whole time. I wasn’t goofing around and what I wrote is what I can do, I put everything into it. I also spent some time at home.

My current score should be a 8/10, I feel like I’ve explained my ideas thoroughly, but I have some touch ups to do, like doing a better job organizing. Also, my friends said that I should shorten my essay, and let the readers do more “assuming”.The truth is, I don’t know what to take off. I know that it isn’t good, but I don’t know what I have to improve.