Progress in Emerson Essay

“ In the woods, we return to reason and faith…all mean egotism vanishes.” If humans were to find their natural self, the one that understands Justice, Truth, Love and Freedom, humans wouldn’t have to worry about the problems, the world faces today. By accepting that we are a part of nature, humans can put aside their differences, cherish what they have and can do and continue to excel.”

This time, my class has been asked to write an essay explaining a chapter or one of Emerson’s beliefs. I decided to focus and explain the separation from Nature Aspect.

I improved my writing skills, I tried to connect my quotes in differently. So this essay was a different experience.

I focused on my work the whole time. I wasn’t goofing around and what I wrote is what I can do, I put everything into it.

My current score should be a 10/10, I feel like I’ve explained my ideas thoroughly, but I have some touch ups to do, like doing a better job organizing. Also, my friends said that I should shorten my essay, and let the readers do more “assuming”


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