Simple Mistakes Simply Cost Too Much Time

We all make mistakes. It is part of being human. Sometimes, mistakes help us discover something new or just plain annoy us. The mistake of the week this week was, forgetting to square a variable. Squaring a variable may seem simple and harmless enough but when that variable is substituted in by a ton of other variables. These other variables are substituted by other variables. It gets messy. After a ton of hard work of simplifying and trying to solve the equation of the Long Now Project, it is a let down to know that you solved it wrong. I would’ve been extremely happy if it was a process mistake that I could just change and continue. It was terrible because I had to solve the equation a ton of times. When I finally got it correct, I celebrated for the rest of the day. I learned an important lesson while solving the Long Now Equation, don’t give up and make sure that the beginning is correct.


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