Graphic Art Number 2

“The wind it was so insistent,

With tales of the stormy south” -Sting


In my humanities class we were asked to create three different graphic art pieces that went along with Emerson’s nature and one of the songs we listened to. In order to achieve this task, I used Photoshop and our creativity.

In the process of finishing this project, I learned many skills. This was my first time using Photoshop so there was a ton of experimenting. My partner happened to hate technology so I ended up making the pictures on Photoshop. During to the process of making this image, there were many difficulties with lessons to be learned. My partner created an image on a piece of paper. I loved that idea and I started imagining the background colors and such. We started the project with a ton of enthusiasm but as soon as our first draft started taking shape, my partner didn’t like it. She claimed that it looked like cheesy photoshoped image. It was hard but I had to let go of our first draft. I am usually a control freak and I am used to having everything happen my way. This time, I wanted to achieve the goal and build a stronger bond with my friend. She had a different plan and I thought, why not put faith, in another person for a change?

I then decided to change my project and start a different one. For the new graphic picture, we started out with a picture of a tree and a compass. First we decided to erase the white background from the compass. Then, I accidentally ended up pressing the paintbrush button and ended up with a discovery. I could paint the background to give it a stormy look! That incident gave me an insight of the potential of layers.

When I went back to my piece, I decided to try and erase the building and the cars in the background and give it a forest look. Using the eraser and the healing brush, I managed to pull off a forest look.

The three texts that the project was based off of were, “Nature” “I was brought to my senses” and “Natural Beauty. All these texts talk about how humans should preserve nature because we are missing out on its wonderful gifts. The quote that I chose, relates to Emerson’s “Nature” he talks about how the eyes is the greatest artist. He then talks about men meditating in nature and how the world reflects his thoughts.

At the beginning of the song, Sting establishes a strange, mysterious and sad mood. His lyrics describe nature as a dark, cold “stormy” place, like his “tragic” life. All of sudden, the music changes and the mood lightens up. The light, cheery music and the bright descriptions of the world led me to think that his life took a positive turn.

By this point you are all probably dying to know what fabulous role I played. Well, I was the tech-nerd that was responsible for the shading, colors and editing. By the end of this project, I glimpsed the potential Photoshop holds. I not only figured out how to display the pictures, I also ended up teaching my partner a few neat tricks.

For this project, I would give it 9.5/10. It is a decent picture but I feel like it is missing something. In my opinion, it is good but not quite perfect.


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